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Rep. Oye joins Congresswoman Norton to Oppose latest GOP attack on DCRep. Oye joins Congresswoman No

September 23, 2022


Washington, DC—US Representative Oye Owolewa (DC)joins Delegate EleanorHolmes-Norton (DC) to condemn the actions of the House Republicans following anotherpartisan attempt to further disenfranchise DC residents. This time, Representative RodneyDavis (IL) introduced House Bill 8528 that aims to disrupt the electoral process in the District of Columbia. Mr. Davis, neither a voter, elected official or resident of DC, has introduced anotherGOP bill to take away the limited voting rights established by then President Richard NIxon.Currently, DC residents pay federal income taxes without congressional representation and lackfull control over their city’s resources and budget. Lastly, DC is the only place in America wherelocal laws can be overruled by Congress. The only path for full citizenship for DC residents is toachieve statehood

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