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“DC Statehood and Efforts from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton”

August 15, 2022


Washington, DC—The District of Columbia is home to over 700,000 residents, apopulation larger than both Wyoming and Vermont and yet still does not receive equalrepresentation as a sovereign state. DC residents have ultimately faced theconsequences from this inequality and have endured so for more than 200 years.District residents pay federal taxes, contribute to the national economy, serve within theSelective Service and yet do not share the same full rights of other residents across thenation. At the forefront of this issue, racial inequality and racial justice for DC residentsand American citizens is at play. Commonly known as “Chocolate City,” the District isfilled with rich, African American culture and history and a 47% populous majority.Thislack of representation and voting power perpetuates further disenfranchisement ofAfrican Americans.

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